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The Great Leon, this is not just a trick - it is a complete act - a show in itself. In fully illustrated building plan form, with every detail of the many brilliant effects, patter, presentation, plus many photographs showing the "House" in action. Large detailed Eugene Gloye drawings, all to make it simple to create your own "Haunted House." Act can run to 30 minutes. No assistants. Use anywhere; has been done before 7500 people. Sets up in a few minutes; work on any table; packs flat. Performer's hands are free; yet he operates the action with a single control. No sleight of hand. Anyone interested in magic can easily learn to do this routine. The patter theme is a ghost story, a female ghost looking for a lost love gets involved in magic. In full view, with apparently no human aid, doors and windows open and close, bells ring, milk vanishes, tables float, ropes are knotted, cut and restored, hammers rap, chain links join, bottles rise and fill glass with milk, a card trick is done, a slate is written upon, and finally the spirit is caught and materializes in a glass jar! Plus many other weird and wonderful happenings. Nothing like Leon's Haunted House in magic today. A unique series of effects blended into one beautiful and sensational act.



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