Tales of a UFO Investigator

Back in early 2014 I had my second UFO sighting in Northeast Ohio. While driving I observed two low flying black triangles. By the time I turned my truck around, about 15 seconds later, they were gone. This prompted me to contact the Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network (MUFON) and file my sighting. I also filed a sighting from a few years earlier. After submitting my report I began looking through the sight and seen that they had an "Investigator" program. So I ordered the training manual, took the test, and became a Field Investigator. With my background in law enforcement investigations, coupled with a degree in history, I figured this would be something where I could offer some level of assistance and expertise.

Over the next four years I would investigate 103 cases and speak to some very interesting people. Now I've always been opened minded to the UFO phenomenon, and believe in dealing with facts, so I wanted to give each case a fair shot and objectively look at all the evidence. When investigating a case I did my best to disprove the sighting. Once I couldn't disprove it, I knew it was something that was truly unexplained. I wouldn't close the case as an "Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon" unless I could 100% disprove everything else. If it had a 1% chance of being an airplane, Chinese Lantern, drone, etc., I would label it as such. Once everything was ruled out 100%, then I would believe it could have been a true phenomenon.

Most of the cases that came through my desk (all from Ohio) were able to be explained or had a chance of being something explained. Many were found to be astronomical objects, airplanes, or Chines Lanterns. Only a small percentage were truly unexplained...and those cases were interesting to say the least. I have to say, there were also a lot of cases where a witness could not be contacted or did not want to be interviewed. This made it hard to gather enough information to form a disposition, but I did my best with what information was provided.

I also believe a majority of the cases marked "Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon" were most likely some type of secret or classified military aerial vehicle. One of the more popular sightings were of black triangles. Although not much information is available for what these vehicles are, they most likely fall under the category of being a Black Manta TR-2B or the Astra TR-3B nuclear powered planes. This plane is allegedly produced in the top secret "Aurora" aerospace program.

(Below photo pulled from Internet to show example. Unknown authenticity.)

Many people will recall reading reports of black triangle-like objects in the sky during the 1970's and 80's that turned out to be the B-2 Stealth Bomber. We now know that the military, and government, has technology that is 20-25 years ahead of what we know of. Some "experts" say that could go 50-100 years, or more, of what we know.

A majority of other cases I investigated that were an absolute mystery were those of orange orbs. Now, most of the time these case could be explained away by Chinese Lanterns. However, when the orbs act intelligently and cahnge course several times a in an intelligent manor, this tends to explain away any lanterns. Sometimes, when there were several orbs flying together, the witness would explain how they formed intelligent designs such as shapes.

(Below photo pulled from Internet to show example. Unknown authenticity.)

During my time as a MUFON Field Investigator I learned a lot about the UFO phenomenon, and even more about people and how their perception could be influenced by movies, tv, books, etc. Some people wanted to see a UFO so bad that they couldn't accept that what they actual seen was Venus or an airplane. Others were more objective in their sighting and wanted to learn more in order to make future educated conclusions.

Either way, my time at MUFON was fun and informative. I still research UFO's and enjoy learning more about new cases and reading new information. With everything going on, I believe we've encountered UFO Confirmation, and maybe even, dare I say, UFO Disclosure.

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