Grab A Treat

Another Trick-or-Treat in the books, and this year was...well...

Every year I do a combination of candy and comic books.  Usually I give the kids a choice between the two, and more times than not they choose the comic books.  This year, due to the pandemic and the decline of kids going door-to-door, I gave each costumed creep both.  Only had about 20-25 kids, so I was left with a lot of candy and comics left over.  I've gotten a really good response from kids, and parents, with comic books.  Their faces light up when they get the chance to have a cool book.  Being that I live in an area with a lower income, kids don't always have the opportunity to partake in comic books. So it's nice to see them smile when they have the opportunity to see their favorite superhero in all their glory. I mean, what's better than eating candy and reading comic? Right?

Hopefully next year everything will be back to as normal as possible. Might continue on giving both to anyone brave enough to venture out in search of goodies.

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