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25 Lessons


About the Course

This is a 25 lesson course in HORROR MAGIC by the legendary Horror magician Chuck Caputo. Chuck has been performing magic professionally for nearly forty years. Now he brings his experiences in this fabulous one of a kind course. Here is your chance to learn Horror Magic from the source.

Your Instructor

Chuck Caputo

Master Magician Chuck Caputo hails from the "Steel City"... Pittsburgh, Pa. Chuck has been performing magic professionally as a full-time job for nearly forty years, with amazing audiences throughout the USA and Canada. What is unique about Chuck is he builds most of his own magic tricks. His background in craftsmanship and electronics is a big help. Chuck has marketed his unique miracles worldwide and major magic dealers have carried them.

Chuck is also a collector of antique magic props from many companies of yesteryear. His specialty is collecting Anverdi items, who was a pioneer in microelectronic technology. Anverdi was from Holland and was known as a true wizard of inventiveness in the magic community. Because of Chuck's one-of-a-kind collection and the largest Anverdi collection in the world, he has become a spokesperson for Murphy's Magic in their redesign of the new Anverdi line and has spoken on many podcasts educating Magicians about the Dutch master Anverdi.
Mr. Caputo, in his spare time, upgrades older magic props to work electronically and fabricates original magic tricks. A few notable accomplishments Chuck has done are performing at the White House and making world-famous NFL great Franco Harris' head disappear!

Chuck Caputo
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