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I have been selling Comic Book Retro items since 1985. Collecting since the age of 7, I amassed a collection like no other in the world. My collection consists of over 20,000 Comics from the 60's and 70's, filled with Novelty Ads that make my world.

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Most Unusual Collection In The World!


My Extensive Collection

My prized collection is proof that anything and everything can be a treasure. The most important part for me is not the size or the value of the individual items, but the joy they’ve given me over the years.


There is no better way to start your collection than with a beautiful selection of toys and novelties. Once you start, it’s hard to stop! Let me know if you have any questions about these or any of my other pieces. I’d love to help you.



Whether you’re an avid Memorabilia Collector or a new fan, you are guaranteed to discover something eye-catching in my selection of Novelties. If you want to find out more about this or anything else in my collection, please contact me.


About Houseoftheunusual

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved the concept of collecting. My enjoyment of novelties is what ultimately inspired me to pursue my passion as a devoted Memorabilia Collector. Over the years, I’ve built my collection into something exquisite. I’m proud to share the results of my hard work and expertise with the world. Come be a part of my incredible journey!




Living MONSTERS!!!

Now Available

This famous Monster grazed the pages of comic books for countless years as thousands of young people fascinated by the now famous ad that read, "Just imagine your friend's shock when they walk into your room and see the "Monster" reaching out-(here is the clincher that separates the monster to avoid a lawsuit from using the name Frankenstein.) "Bigger than life-Frankenstein," the original man-made monster, that creation of evil genius that terrorized the world. A giant 7 feet tall, his eyes glowing eerily as his hand reaches out-as awful and sinister as the wildest nightmare. Those words and photos portray a solid Frankenstein statue in the minds of thousands of youths of the day, this was an item they could not wait to get, yet when it finally arrived it was a poster printed on two separate sheets of plastic "polyethylene" as stated with two stickers for the "glow in the dark eyes." Well if you had one, or always wanted one? No need to wait any longer! Now for the first time ever this item has been meticulous recreated from the original giant into a modern day version on a single one piece glossy poster photo paper. Just like the original only better! Available only from "" Get your Monster Sized Monster today, Scare your family, and be the talk of the neighborhood.

Terror inside the BOX?

January 1, 2020

Spider in the BOX! One of the greatest pranks ever made. Here is how to have fun...Watch and see...New product coming soon.


Filled with Magic and unboxing fun!

This all new channel is filled with unboxing magic novelties for kids. Lucas will bring new never seen before magic illusions and tricks. With videos that teach, entertain and enlighten, kids – and parents – can pass the time and learn a new skill. Kids can learn easy magic tricks to impress their friends when they return to school. 


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